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Fehér Elephánt M.C.
Budapest 94 PF. 63 1461

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 "Yes I wonder"
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 Annah Dániel discovered her own way of expression as early as her first concert in 1992. She performed the music of the "Swing Era" at the high level of classical music performers and with an authentic feeling for jazz. Her programme consisted of classic songs by Ellington, Gershwin, Porter and others, as well as long forgotten melodies that she herself discovered. Since then she has given hundreds of concerts in jazz clubs /Merlin, The Long Jazz Club/ and on various stages /Student Island, University Stage, Bárka Theatre/. Her participation at international festivals brought her success /Bratislava 1993, Albaimpro 1998, Hungarian Jazz Celebrations 1992-1999, Sziget 1998-2oo5/

She has produced two CDs through the Belvárosi Zene MK. Both on her compact discs and at her concerts her performance is accompanied by star musicians of the hungarian jazz world /Imre Kõszegi, Viktor Hárs, Ákos György, Béla Szalóky, Elemér Balázs and others/.


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Bratislava Jazz Fesztivál(1993)
Szegedi Jazz Napok(1995)
Sziget Festival(1998--2005)

"Hot Swing Again"(1993) MC

"Swing Rhythm Revival"(1995) CD,MC
“All that swing” (1997) CD, MC

“Rambling Alone”
(2000) CD

"Best of AnnaH" (2007) CD

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